Representing Local Governments & School Districts

Public institutions face numerous regulations and evolving policy issues which are not present in the private sector.  Our goal is to help public institutions navigate legal issues in an efficient and socially responsible manner.

Attorney Pollard has represented many school districts and local governments all over the State of Wisconsin, and regularly advises government officials and administrators on day-to-day employment, governance, and business matters. We are very well versed in the requirements and nuances of Wisconsin's public records and public meetings laws.

For school districts, we also provide counsel regarding the non-renewal process, and serve as an independent hearing officer for grievance or expulsion hearings.

Attorney Pollard successfully defended several school districts in high stakes litigation involving modifications to employee benefit plans after the passage of Act 10 in 2011.  He obtained a jury verdict completely dismissing a class action lawsuit filed by a group of 90 retirees against a school district seeking more than $10,000,000 in damages.

Before starting PGC, Attorney Pollard worked for the Buelow Vetter law firm in Waukesha, WI.